How Can Eating An Apple A Day Keep the Doctor Away?

You have probably heard the popular adage ‘an apple a day can keep the doctor away’ a lot of times. One of the reasons why this adage has been around for many years is because of the fact that apples are one of the first fruits that was recognized by medical professionals to be healthy. Many people may have heard about this saying but most don’t really understand how eating an apple day will keep them from seeing a doctor. On that note, let me shed some light on the known health benefits of eating apples.

Management of Cholesterol

Individuals who have problems controlling their cholesterol will surely benefit from eating apples. Why, because apples have cholesterol-fighting properties. Eating this versatile fruit can help you in lowering your cholesterol. For people with cholesterol problems, eating unpeeled apples is highly advised. The skin of the apple contains a chemical referred to as pectin which has the ability to lower LDL levels and promote good cardiovascular health.

Prevent Neurodegenerative Disease

A study conducted by experts from Cornell University showed that apples can help impede the onset of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Apples can also lower one’s risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases. Just as with lowering cholesterols, people will get the highest health benefits by eating apples with the skin on. The skin of the apple has chemicals that can combat toxicity which may stress the nerve cells and result to the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Weight Management and Control

Apples are abundant in fiber and have very high water content. That said, apples are high-satiating foods that will allow you to feel fuller longer. Since apples are very satisfying, eating them will prevent you from consuming those unhealthy, high-calorie snacks. Eating apples offer a healthy way of filling up your tummy without the guilt of increasing your waistline. So rather than reach for those salty junk foods, grab an apple and do your body a big favor.

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