Author: Virgil Jones

kerbal space program mods 2

Kerbal Space Program: The best mods players must have!

Developed and published by Squad, Kerbal Space Program is an excellent space flight simulation video game. This game offers the interesting gameplay and a realistic orbital physics engine that allow players to enjoy the game freely, creatively, and flexibility. However, it even can be better if you have Kerbal Space Program mods. And here we […]

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best total war game 8

Which is the best total war game?

Our topic today is about Total War game and the question “which is the best total war game”. The fact that total war game is a genre that is ranked as the top genre of strategy games. Look at the Total War franchise you can realize easily that the world of this game genre is […]

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Dragon Priest Masks: The most powerful item in Skyrim

If you’re a loyal fan of The Elder Scrolls, surely you know the existence of Dragon Priest Masks. They are some of the most powerful items in the Skyrim game and there are only eight in the world. Although gathering these masks isn’t a formal quest of this game, most players still want to collect […]

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relaxing games on steam 3

Top 5 Best Relaxing Games on Steam

Steam is a multi-player platform of massive gaming service released in 2003 and developed by Valve Corporation. This platform is used to deal out games as well as connected media online.  Look for simple ways to relax while you are stuck in every day stressed? Then explore the 5 Best Relaxing Games on Steam, they […]

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are bagels healthy 2

Are bagels healthy? A big questions for low-calories eaters that deserves an answer!

Are bagels healthy? With no doubt, the American people have a great passion for bagels. In 2017, data from the U.S. Census and the Simmons National Consumer Survey has reported that more than 200 million Americans ate bagels. Whether you’re a bagel lover or not, there might be times you wonder if the bagel in […]

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