Which is the best total war game?

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Our topic today is about Total War game and the question “which is the best total war game”. The fact that total war game is a genre that is ranked as the top genre of strategy games. Look at the Total War franchise you can realize easily that the world of this game genre is getting bigger and bigger. The reason simply is because these games are so addictive and attractive.

best total war game

In various things related to this game genre, the question “which is the best total war game?” has made millions of gamers have to argue. There are so many different answers and maybe these answers are because the concept of “best” depends on the kind of mood you are in.

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In order to help gamers have an overview about this issue, in this article, we will list you top 10 best total war games. The position of these games are arranged based on the rating of million gamers around the world. Now, let’s check!

Top 10 best total war games

Rome 2

best total war game 2

Stay in the tenth position in this list is Total War: Rome II. This game is a perfect mixture of RTS and MMO genres that takes place in the world of Rome. In a way, it can say that Romans are ruling the world of the genre Total War games. And being a loyal fan of this game genre, Rome 2 is a game that makes you love it right in the first time of playing. In this game, you will have to build your own empire and try to achieve balance within your empire. You will have to juggle both economic decisions and party politics inside the Senate of Rome. And of course, you can can’t do that, the prosperity of Rome will be harmed.

A special feature in this game is that it offers new camera angles. This feature will give you the option to focus on individual soldiers and enjoy the game more. Besides that, in comparison to Rome I, lots of bugs and wobbly AI have been patched. Truthfully, this game is really good and deserves to try.


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The ninth position in this list is Medieval: Total War. This is another great game that I love so much. In this game, you will be able to create your own empire in various locations. Similar to other Total War game, you will have to build the military force to protect your empire from other nations and attack other ones to expand your area. A special point is that, most elements related to Medieval have been refined and improved. Moreover, this game also adds numerous other elements such as loyalty, religion, and espionage, etc. They make Medieval become a great Total War game that every gamer should try at least once.Moreover, this game is also the game that really nailed the “feel” of battle system in Total War genre when offering detail scenes, great sound to create a realism feeling.

In general, this game looks a bit simple in comparison to the recent games, however, at the time that it released, it is really a great game to play and enjoy.


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Shogun is ranked the eighth position in this list. However, it isn’t low here because it’s poor, but because it is an old game and like a thing from a different era. In comparison with its sequel, of course, this game isn’t highlights because Shogun 2 is one of the most dramatic and compelling games in this series. But despite this, Shogun still has lots of prominent features that can linger in our mind many years after the first time playing it.


best total war game 5

Empire is also a great Total War game. This game did an admirable job of integrating systems that were alien to a game previously about hammering conflict and cavalry charges. Although the AI is weak and the scale and scope has a bit troubling, this game’s still an incredible achievement. It offers lots of concepts that would be impossible in earlier games. Besides that, although battles in this game lack of muscular impact of melee battles, the sound of modern weapons are still exhilarating. Surely, you will be impressed with the sound of cannon roaring on a crowded battlefield, the sound of guns, and scenes of fire smoke. Finally, there is a very minor thing in this game that makes me remember until now – after many years from the last time I play it. It’s the ability to change the theme from the main menu. It’s really incredible.


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The sixth position in this list of best Total War game is Napoleon. This game owns all prominent features of the Empire game and refines, streamline, and improve all of them. But that isn’t all and Napoleon is more than just a mere improvement of an old game. It represents Creative Assembly and a testament to Bonaparte’s brilliance. In this game, you can experience the triumphs and failures of an incredible military mind, enjoy the world of war, combat, and conflict. It can say that this game by some ways provides players with something that still echoes through history, a great experience, and somethings hard to fade. And of course, it is very pity if you ignore an interesting game like it.


An incredible game in this list that I want to emphasize is Attila. This is the first game that can weave lots of dramatic stories into the game itself. And this is also the first game that makes Total War a misnomer. This isn’t a virgin fighting game. It is a game of politics and consists of various elements such as feasting, famine, desolation, and migration. It can say that Attila is a colorful story that’s set in Europe in a fragile and fascinating period of history.

Besides that, this game also offers enhanced mechanics when offering more complicated elements. For example, weather and guerilla warfare are two new features that make the game become more complication and also more realism.


best total war game 7The fourth position in this list belongs to Rome – a great game in this genre. This is the first game that the scale of conflict completely overwhelmed lots of experienced gamers. In this game, you will be able to enjoy the excited feeling when you and your rival faction push at the borders of each other until the dam is broken and you flood into their land.

It can say that Rome is a game that can make everyone feel deeply satisfied immediately when diving in the game world. This game received lots of praise and good reception from players around the world. And then, there are a huge number of loyal fan mods of this game have been created. This game is also considered as one of the best strategy games of all time.

Medieval 2

Owning lots of magical features that set it apart from the predecessors, Medieval 2 deserves to gain the third position in this list of the best Total War games. This is an exemplary setting for a typical Total War game with lots of prominent features. For example, time to conquest, crusades, corruption in politic, etc. And your place in the world game also makes this game become unique.

Besides that, this game brings players the best of both worlds – fighting and managing. On the aspect of managing, you are able to manage the development of your settlements, handle the relationship with foreign, and created and move your armies. And on the aspect of fighting, it offers intense real-time battles with incredible scenes of warfare. In which, you will be able to experience the intense savagery of the war. An impressive point is that both of these aspects are integrated very well into a cohesive whole in this game.

Total War: Warhammer

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Holding the second position in this list of best Total War games is Total War: Warhammer. This game offers the seesawing conflict and a very exciting emotion for players. In this game, the old powers can fall anytime and the new ones will replace them. Besides that, you will have a chance to participate in lots of survival battles, enjoy the feeling when being in a very huge battlefield where’s full of chaos. This is also the game that offers the most varied Total War. In this game, every race has cared meticulously and different enough to make you feel as playing massively generous games.

A small point that makes this game isn’t perfect is that the campaign pacing is off. This means a grand victory can feel like a wafting. However, this game is still the finest representation of a Warhammer world.

Shogun 2

best total war game 9

Finally, we come to the first position in this list. The game deserves to be the best Total War game is Shogun 2. It has been rated by millions of gamers from all around the world. The fact that nine games above are also very excellent. They even have more units, greater scope, and grander setting. However, Shotgun also overcomes all of them to gain the first position. It is Creative Assembly at its cohesive best.

In this game, instead of the globetrotting conquest, players will participate in a frenzied struggle to unify Japan. But, surely you never feel that the scale is small because the feeling that this game brings has erased that thinking. Focusing on a narrow scale makes this game the ability to offer players a rich, wholly immersive experience, and an exciting feeling. Besides that, this game also fixes lots of traditional bugs and problems in Total War games. The AI has learned how to use boats and expands on a higher degree of difficulty.

The best of all, in this game, when you are getting too powerful, the Shogun can declare you an enemy to prevent you from sweeping to victory. So, instead of rolling over factions one by one, you will have to protect the resources that you have gathered.In addition, it is also designed to allow newbies to adapt its systems easily.

In general, with so many prominent features and enhanced mechanics, Shogun 2 is the best Total War game.

Conclusion: Above is a list of 10 best Total War game. Through this list, now you know which is the best Total War game and some prominent features of each game.

As mentioned above, the games in this list are arranged based on voting of players. If you have a different opinion, we are very happy to listen to your experience and preferences. Let’s share your opinion with our other readers and us by leaving a feedback in the comment section. So, we can explore the new things related to the warfare world together.

Finally, thank you for reading and hope you have a great day!