Everything you need to know before “Avengers: Infinity War”

Avengers: Infinity War, directed by two brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, is the climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 18-film journey that began in 2008. Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) kicked off this universe with a billionaire playboy who grew a conscience after almost being killed in a terrorist attack.

Since then, the universe of heroes has grown in an extraordinary way, from Iron Man to other heroes who are gods, half gods, doctors of the mystic arts, humans with altered body chemistries, super soldiers, spies, a Black Panther, etc. and even a talking tree!

For those who need a flashback or a refresher on the MCU, we’ve listed all the important details and events you’ll need to know before heading to the theater when “Infinity War” is released April 25th.

1. Thor and his Asgardian refugees:

As you might have aware, Asgard is one of the most well-known locations in the MCU, it was completely destroyed during Thor: Ragnarok (2017) event where Thor fight against his own sister Hela in order to protect his realm and citizen from being destroyed by her.

To stop Hela, Thor and his allies released Surtur (a fire demon native to the extradimensional plane of Muspelheim, land of the fire demons and one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology). As a result of releasing Surtur from hell, Thor and his Asgardians people (including Valkyrie, Heimdall and Loki) are now being homeless.

As the new King of Asgard, Thor ordered a spaceship full of Asgardian refugees to head towards Earth. While Thor was talking to Loki in the film’s post-credits scene, their ship encountered the Sanctuary II, Thanos’ massive ship that was also heading the same way.

2. The relationship between Loki and Thanos:

From the first “Avengers” (2012), we’ve already witnessed Thanos provided to Loki an army to lead in the attack on New York City. Unfortunately for Loki, the Avengers put a stop to that attack and of course Thanos isn’t happy with him.

Based on trailers for “Infinity War“, it’s almost certain that Loki will hand over the Space Stone (one of six Infinity Stones) to Thanos, which will give him reality-bending powers, who may very well use it to end Loki’s life, well… probably since he doesn’t show up in any other scenes in the footage we’ve seen.

(Loki is handling over the Tesseract to Thanos – Infinity War’s trailer)

3. The Collector has the Reality Stone:

Thor: The Dark World (2013) was centered almost entirely around the Aether, another Infinity Stone. While the most of the Infinity Stones are solid objects, the Aether is a liquid version of the Reality Stone. As Thor learned in that movie, the Reality Stone can warp the laws of physics and convert matter into dark matter.

After Malekith unsuccessfully tried to plunge the universe into eternal darkness with the Aether, the Asgardians took the Reality Stone. Since they didn’t want to keep two Infinity Stones in the same place, the Asgardians gave the Aether to the Collector for safekeeping.

During the post-credits scene in “Thor: The Dark World,” the Collector, who collects rare artifacts across the galaxy, is given the red Reality Stone. As far as we know, it’s still in his possession so far.

4. The Nova Corps has the Power Stone, for a moment:

After the Guardians discover the stone’s destructive power, they put it in the hands of the Nova Corps, a galactic police force.

In the end of Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 1), the Guardians gave the Orb to the Nova Corps, an intergalactic peacekeeping force. Led by Nova Prime, the organization is based on the alien planet Xandar. Since then, the Power Stone has remained locked away under armed guard in the Corps’ vault.

But in trailers for “Infinity War“, Thanos has the purple stone on his glove, meaning he must take it from the Corps at some point before or during the movie.

5. Vision has an Infinity Stone in his forehead, which is a bad sign:

Vision’s origin has been a little bit messy since he first appeared in “Age of Ultron,”. Basically he’s an android created by Ultron (with the help from Tony Stark), combining with Stark’s artificial intelligence, Jarvis, and the yellow Mind Stone, which is in Vision’s forehead.

In “Infinity War,” the Avengers bring Vision to T’Challa (Black Panther)’s home of Wakanda to protect him and take a stand against Thanos.

Vision and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) also have somewhat of a romantic connection — which previous movies haven’t really elaborated on — that will be a focal point of “Infinity War.”

6. Doctor Strange has an Infinity Stone:

While the Eye of Agamotto might be one of Marvel’s most powerful mystical artifacts in comics, it’s only a carrying case for an Infinity Stone in the MCU. As revealed in Doctor Strange (2016), the Eye of Agamotto holds the Time Stone.

Over the course of the movie, Doctor Strange made liberal use of the stone, which can manipulate time on a massive scale. Doctor Strange wears the green Time Stone around his neck in the Eye of Agamotto, which contains and controls it.

I wouldn’t say this means death for Strange though. Because he’s one of the more recent characters to appear in the MCU, Marvel Studios will probably keep him around.

7. Hawkeye has a family:

Hawkeye does indeed have a family, remember when the Avengers were looking for a place to recover?  Hawkeye took them to his secret homestead, where his previously unmentioned family lived. In this completely off-the-books location, Hawkeye and his wife Laura live with their three small children.

At the end of Age of Ultron, Hawkeye retired from action to spend more time with his family but he briefly came out to join Captain America’s side during Civil War event. So far Hawkeye hasn’t been featured in any trailer for “Infinity War,” raising the question of what exactly his role will be in this War.

The directors Joe and Anthony Russo recently said that they “did not forget the twice-nominated Jeremy Renner” and that his story was a “long play.”

8. The romantic relationship between Black Widow and Hulk:

“Age of Ultron” explored a romantic relationship between Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Black Widow, but it was just a convenient plot point: Widow would calm the Hulk down when he got out of control.

During Civil War, even though Black Widow was stood against the Sokovia Accords, Black Widow joined up with Captain America and Falcon.

This time, as revealed in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, she used a new blonde hairstyle and a lifetime of counter-intelligence training to disguise herself and stay ahead of the law. Again, this situation is a bit mess up, but we assume this will at least be acknowledged in “Infinity War.”

9. Captain and his team are fugitives:

In “Captain America: Civil War”, the government proposes superhuman registration, which would essentially make the Avengers government employees. Captain America says that would strip away their freedom, while Iron Man thinks it could be beneficial by putting their powers in check; and this is where the Civil war begins.

By the end of the film, Captain America and his team of Avengers who took his side are fugitives who didn’t register. He breaks his friends out of a high-tech prison at the end of the movie, and that’s where “Infinity War” picks up with many of the characters.

But Thanos’s invasion brings them together, and they’ll have to put aside their conflicts if they want to save the universe.

10. War Machine was in serious injury:

During the battle between Captain America’s and Iron Man’s sides in “Civil War,” War Machine was shot down by Vision, and caused him a serious injury.

But by “Infinity War,” thanks to some Stark tech, he has returned and flying the War Machine armor too.

(War Machine in Infinity War trailer)

11. Bucky killed Iron man’s parents:

At the end of “Captain America: Civil War”, Tony Stark found out that Bucky Barnes (Cap’s best friend) killed his parents, years earlier while brainwashed by the terrorist organization Hydra.

Captain America sends Iron Man a nice letter at the end of “Civil War” letting him know he’s there if Stark he needs him, but there’s sure to still be tension among the two, since Cap is in Bucky’s corner.

So coming into “Infinity War,” Bucky and Iron Man aren’t exactly getting along.

12. Gamora and Nebula are both Thanos’s adopted daughter:

Gamora and Nebula are both Thanos’ adopted daughters. However, they want him dead, but at the end of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” Nebula vows to go after him alone. The lone-wolf mentality might not be the best option against someone as powerful as Thanos.

It seems that during Infinity War, we will see some flashback about the relationship between Thanos and his daughters.

(Thanos is holding Gamora’s hand in Infinity War’s trailer)

13. Wakanda has revealed itself to the world:

At the end of “Black Panther” T’Challa chooses to reveal Wakanda to the world. Before that moment, the African nation had been in isolation, refusing to share its wealth and technology with other nations.

Maybe he’ll come to regret that, as much of the action in “Infinity War” takes place in Wakanda.

(The war at Wakanda during Infinity War)

 14. The last Infinity Stone’s whereabouts still being kept in secret:

Going into Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans are wondering where the last Infinity Stone could be? While all of the other Infinity Stones have already made appearances, the Soul Stone has only been mentioned so far. When the Collector explained the Infinity Stones to the Guardians of the Galaxy, a hologram of the orange stone appeared along with the other Stones.

The location of the orange Soul Stone has yet to be revealed, still in the mist. Is it in Wakanda? Is it hiding in plain sight? Or someone has been keeping it for the whole time? The answer will be soon revealed after 25th April.

Summary/ Verdict:

While every Marvel Studios movie might be a blockbuster event, Avengers: Infinity War is an especially big deal. With dozens of heroes, villains and other Marvel characters, Joe and Anthony Russo’s movie is set to be a monumental turning point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is promising to break all records of all movies during first day of release and we can’t wait to see it. Let’s us know your thought!

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