Give Up 2

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Give Up 2 is a video game from the legendary trio of the game community, which includes Tasselfoot, Animal and Very Hard. The game serves Quest gameplay in a Platform environment. Being the sequel from Give Up 1, Give Up 2 once again made history and proved itself as the perfect successor.

What’s in Give Up 2?

At the first time the player logs into the game world of Give Up 2, he will be overwhelmed because of the challenges that come forward him, and he has no choice but face them. The plot of the game has the player trapped in an amusement, which is full of unpredictable attractions. The gameplay contains 40 challenging floors, and each one introduces a set of obstacles such as the sea of sharp knives or waves of burning flames. What the player should expect while playing Give Up 2 is the braveness and a stable mind. Without the strength built from surpassing challenges and experience in dealing with hard tragedies, the player can’t bear and stay until the last floor of the game.

Give Up 2 is special for the appearance from one of the developers, Tasselfoot. Apart from Give Up 1, in Give Up 2, there is voice acting which makes the game become even more realistic. You will hear the recorded voice of the game developer telling you to give up and be a loser. The fact that the discouragement from the game keeps you going and advancing further is true. You will feel like an aggressive tiger, who seeks power as a natural instinct. In addition to that, Give Up 2 also features an animation when you click the option to give up. Even when no one wants to see the animation since it seems like a way of celebrating loss, you can still manage to see it when you have already been successful in the game.

Furthermore, Give Up 2 contains five bonus levels, including Bonus A to E. You can seek more fun after you have finished the original levels.

What makes Give Up 2 addictive?

Give Up 2 features super bloody scene, as the protagonist’s body will explode when it reaches any harmful attraction. However, the blood and gore of Give Up 2 do not discourage the player from playing it and from giving up. Compared to some other games that also feature similar elements, what you can see in Give Up 2 is only semi-violent. Half of you want to be discharged from your failure from the game, while the other half loves to deal with dangerous attraction until blood and flesh fly.

Moreover, the graphics of Give Up 2 has now been upgraded. You will see how amazing the character looks in a 3D game world. All the obstacles from Give Up 2 are well designed, which makes them look not only fantastic but also addictive enough to draw your attention and attract you to throw yourself in.

In conclusion

Give Up 2 is an amazing Challenging video game that no one should ignore. It is a game for thrill-seekers and crazy people. No matter what kinds of games you are into, Give Up 2 is worth your try. Play now at hudgames. Have fun!