Kerbal Space Program: The best mods players must have!

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Developed and published by Squad, Kerbal Space Program is an excellent space flight simulation video game. This game offers the interesting gameplay and a realistic orbital physics engine that allow players to enjoy the game freely, creatively, and flexibility. However, it even can be better if you have Kerbal Space Program mods. And here we will introduce to you all the best mods for this game. These mods can help you keep Kerbal fun and fresh after many hours of rocket science.

Now, let’s come with us and explore all the best Kerbal Space Program mods!

Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network (CKAN)


Although this isn’t a real mod, it’s a program, I still want to mention first. The reason is that it is extremely important. CKAN is an open-source and a community-supported mod manager that can help players to manage their in-game mods. The fact that there are lots of mod sources out there and the main mission of CKAN is to aggregate modder’s submitted files and cross-references them. In addition, this program is also in charge of making sure that every mod is up to date, install/uninstall instantly when having requirement. In general, CKAn is very important and it’s more essential the more mods you add, so, let’s add this program before installing any other mods.

Kerbal Space Program Immersion mods

These mods can help your game become more beautiful and immersive. If you are looking for them, let’s check the list below. All of them are my favorite mods!

kerbal space program mods


Note: You can adjust the Quindar tone volume if they are too beepy.

The fact that in space, nobody can hear your voice unless you hold down the push-to-talk button. So, if you want to have a bustling, mission control center buzzings with messages and cross-talk, this mod is for you.

It was created by using the real-life audio from the Apollo 11 missions, scrambling it up a bit, and chopping into audio files. After that, integrate into your background’s mission.

Hullcam VDS

Note: Don’t forget to press [-] cycles through all available cameras.

This mod adds lots of attachable cameras, so, with it, you can watch your missions from the side of a rocket or from inside an engine housing. This offers a much more realistic feeling. Besides that, it also offers a Hubble-style space telescope, so, you can use to creep on distant planets. It’s so great, isn’t it?

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Collision FX

Note: For nighttime crashes, Sparks will kick up a soft and soothing light.

The main effect of this mod is to make crashes and screw-ups look nicer. The fact that Collision FX helps us to have a much more realistic feeling when playing this game. In detail, it helps to add the sound and visual effects such as sparks, smoke, creates the sound of screeching tires, plowing dirt and the sound when pluming of snow, etc. Besides that, this mod also adds an adorable little “oof” noise when Kerbals fly into something solid. In general, this is really a great mod and they’ve been working on it for many years.


Note: This mod is packaged to include SmokeScreen and allow players to tweak and customize engine effects.

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There is a truth that a huge number of players spend a lot of time in KSP watching engines burn. If you are also one of them, why don’t you make it look better with this RealPlume mod!This mod was created to rework the exhaust and plume effects of KSP’s rocket engines and make it become more realism.

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This mod isn’t really useful, however, it can help you to improve your environment visual. Let’s me take an example and you’ll understand its effect. With this mod, when a ship is in low orbit around a planet, its backside will be softly illuminated by the reflection atmospheric light of the planet. This visual is so great, right?

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Kronal Vessel Viewer

Note: You can adjust the distance between pieces in the exploded view from a huge gap to a tiny sliver.

This is a mod that allows users to create blue-print-like images from the KSP editor. With it, you can tinker with two-dimensional sketches of your huge Kerbal ships. Moreover, you also can get a schematic-style look at your most important missions by using the exploded view.

 New challenge mods

It can’t deny that Kerbal Space Program is really a hard game. It’s hard because physics is impossible and the universe wants to squish your frail and pathetic spirit. However, if they aren’t enough with you and you’re looking for something harder, the mods below are for you.

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This mod focuses on scanning and locating resources. It is very necessary especially when that resources and refineries are a part of the vanilla game. The fact that this mod is considered the best precisely because it only focuses on exploration – an activity that satellites do best. With high-definition scans from this mod, users totally can target flat areas to land safely. Besides that, they also can identify points of interest or get a full understanding of Biomes that is worthy to research from a planet. It even can show clearly and enormous the smallest bodies in the Kerbol system. With all of these effects, SCANsat is really a great mod to enhanced your game.

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3.2 Orbit Portal Technology Space Plane Parts

This is also a great mod that I extremely love. With it, when you get your arms around the peculiar physics of KSP’s space planes, you will be able to own a cheap and reusable shuttle system. It can be used to bring supplies, Kerbals, and even space station modules to orbit. In addition, it also helps you to expands dramatically the tools you have to get to orbit.

Dang It!

Note: This mod combines very well with Entropy – a mod can cause wear and tear damage to all ships.

This mod is created to break all stuff, make the game become more challenge, and so on. It can make all solar panels short out, engines misfire, leak the fuel tanks, etc. A great feature of this mod is that it allows you to customize the frequent and catastrophic’s degree of the failures. Besides that, with this mod, even when the missions have hiccups, just with a few spare parts, your Kerbals also can perform an EVA and fix the problem easily. It’s brilliant!

Kerbal Construction Time

A KSP’s quirk is that it keeps track of time. This means every spaceflight second is added to the overall game clock. The fact that time is paused while you try to tinker a new ship and it only begins when you click to “launch”. This means every ship in this game is built instantly and this isn’t rational at all, is it?

Kerbal Construction Time can help you change that. With this mod, the time to create a more complex ship will longer, and opposite. In addition, it also forces you to plan ahead before designing and sending your idea to the construction pipeline. The time for you before launching is about weeks or months depending on how complex of your ship. In general, this mod can offer you a much more realistic feeling when playing this game.

DMagic Orbital Science: Probe and Rover Pack

Note: This mod can combine with various other mods and all of them are so great. However, the best of which is [x] Science. This is a mod that gives players a master checklist of the experiments that they have or haven’t finished yet.

In addition to temperature and atmosphere, there are lots of other sciences that need to be done in this game. And it’s so great when having a mod that offers you tons of those new vehicle’s experiments such as soil moisture sensor, or x-ray diffraction analyzer, etc. So, if you are looking for this, don’t hesitate to add it to your game.



There is a sad but true news: NASA isn’t really in the inspiration business anymore. And these days, you will find various exciting space stuff in SapceY. It is a private space agency that isn’t similar to other ones on Earth. With this mod, all the heavy lifter parts are ready for you.

Umbra Space Industries

Note: The most famous mod packs of Umbra are Colonization Systems and Life Support.

This is a brilliant mod that is very different from most of other one-off mods. The fact that rocket scientists behind Umbra Space Industries have established a cottage industry of mod packs that include various useful things. In detail, they have cranes and magnets in construction, they have submarines for charting alien oceanography in the USI exploration pack. Besides that, they also have high-speed engines in Alcubierre Warp Drive, and more. There is a common point between these packs is that most of them are modular. So, you can take a few gizmos here and combine with engine couplings as you like.

Near Future Technologies

Note: Mods near future are basically just parts packs, so, you can unlock them by using the usual R&D program.

There is a truth that we are very easy to get carried away by the siren-song of sci-fi splendor. And if you are, Near Future Technologies can help you. This mod offers a more patient approach by bringing the near-future sci-fi to KSP. Of course, it isn’t multifunctional and although there is no teleportation, there are still many highly refined nuclear reactors and advanced xenon engines. In general, Near Future Technologies are so great; and although they can’t get you to Star Wars, they can bring you to The Martian.

Kerbal Space Program Automation mods

In a game that requires you to be lots of things at once like KSP, automation mods will help you so much. You will be able to play in the role of an administrator, an engineer, a pilot, a scientist, a micromanager, etc and do all of them well. With the mods below, you will be free up to focus on other things. Let’s explore!

Kerbal Attachment System

This is a great mod that offers users lots of interesting and useful stuff. Now, you won’t have to work hard to build anything. Instead of that, with Kerbal Attachment system full of wires, winches, pulleys, and fuel lines, you can connect parts of your base easily without rearranging them. For example, you can drag a wire from a solar panel array over to your habitat to produce power. Or, you can pull a fuel line from your storage tanks to your rover to refuel, etc. Very useful, isn’t it?

In general, you can use this mod to move modules outside of the VAB. With it, your Kerbals can make an EVA and rearrange the drilling platforms or solar panels.

Contracts Window +

Note: This mod is compatible with the Contract Reward Modifier.

This is a mod that helps you improve your interface. The fact that in vanilla KSP, the user interface is so good, however, it still can be better since Contracts+ offers tons of new functions. With this mod, you can sort your accepted contracts by their name, due date, financial payout, etc. Moreover, you even can program custom missions and track contracts that way. For example, if you have had 5 contracts in which, three of them need to fulfill to complete a single mission, you can use the custom mission feature to watch those three. Very convenience, isn’t it?


The most famous Kerbal Space Program mod until this time is MechJeb. Although with people who are purists, this mod is only “cheap” or “cheating.” There are lots of arguments revolving around this mod but in my opinion, it is so great. It allows a computer to become an autopilot and take over your piloting tasks. It can do everything from extra-planetary insertion burns to docking maneuvers or even keeping your fuel become infinite.

4 Kerbal Alarm Clock

Trying to not rocket past the burn window is the hope of every KSP’s player during a very long and dark time of its development. And even now, when KSP has made it easier to hit windows, Kerbal Alarm Clock is still essential. This mod can help you to set alarms for certain parts of your orbit. Besides that, you even can set alarms based on the local time with it. For this reason, this is my most favorite mod.

Docking Port Alignment

This is also a useful mod that provides you with all the necessary information to dock with precision and ease on a single, intuitive gauge.

For Science!

Note: If you have this mod, all of your one-use experiments will be reset automatically.

In this list of best Kerbal Space Program Mods, For Science is the one that most like cheating. It is designed to remove the science grind by automating. Having this mod and you just put a thermometer into the ocean to collect the record and store it in the command module. Very useful, isn’t it?

Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer mods

The mods below are for those who’re looking for docking with a friend. Let’s explore and you’ll found lots of interesting things!


Note: This mod is quite ugly and in order to make it a little prettier, let’s install Houston.

This is a very complicated mod with the main effect is to pull flight date out of KSP and put it into a web browser. About its mechanics? Maybe it uses magic!

However, I’m sure that it is very cool. With this mod, you can gather various tablets and old laptops to create yourself a mission control. In addition, you also can share that browser link and real-time data when flying with other friends.

Dark MultiplayerLink:

This isn’t the original multiplayer mod of this game. However, until this time, it is the best multiplayer mod that we have. By combining various server options with netcode, this mod allows users to hook up and rendezvous with a friend in orbit. And there, they can start constructing the orbital science station together. In addition, there is a special feature of this game that I love most. It is the ability to control time warping. This feature can keep everyone on the same timeline and help them prevent the Dalek attacks.

Conclusion: Above are all the best Kerbal Space Program mods that I want to mention today. All of them are so great with their special and unique abilities. They are strongly recommended to create a much more interesting KBS game.