Top 10 most handsome and famous Hollywood actors in the world.

Today, many young names appear and rise to hold high positions in the ranking of Hollywood actors. However, the audience still cannot forget the 10 characters “hit despite the age” below.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom started his acting career at the age of 19 and became one of the highest paid actors in the world. Thanks to the ability to change the skill in each role that Tom has won three Rewards. He also pursued a successful production career.

One thing that everyone must recognize when referring Tom is about his natural handsome looking. The eye-catching soul with the masculine corner has brought Tom many small roles in many films. In addition, he is the face representative of many brands in the world.

Tom Cruise

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Every time you mention Leonardo, no one can forget the image of Jack and the romantic relationship with the beauty woman, Rose, on the legendary Titanic. Young Jack’s beauty is becoming more mature. In recent years, Leonardo has been named the most famous and talented actor in the world. He won two Rewards and one prestigious Oscar, becoming Hollywood’s greatest man. Audiences around the world almost never forget the magnificent handsome and proud of this talented gentleman.

Leonardo DiCaprio

3. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is not lucky enough to win many awards, but he is one of Hollywood’s A-listers. “Se7en,” “The Mortal Platform,” and “Vampire Interview” are three of his hit films, leaving many marks in the hearts of fans.

When referring to Brad, most people associate the love story between him and Angelina Jolie – the most beautiful woman on the planet. Both are not only the “big monument” of Hollywood movies but also famous for “super match”.

Brad Pitt


4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the hardest to find in Hollywood, not only makes many people admire by acting talent but also he is a famous film producer. “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a super success for Johnny.

He was nominated for an Academy Award three times and is one of the highest paid male celebrities in the world.

Johnny Depp

 5. George Clooney

George is a multi-talented artist working on a variety of subjects, including director, actor, producer and screenwriter. He has won three Golden Globes and two Oscars, an achievement that any Hollywood actor must admire.

George officially began his acting career with a role in a 1973 television movie. In addition, he was widely praised as the perfect gentleman of Hollywood due to his extremely friendly personality. and closer.

George Clooney

6. Tom Hanks

Born to a shy boy in a popular family in the United States, Tom now records the history of cinema through new films haunting viewers. Some of the great works that make up Tom’s name include: “Become an adult,” “Davinci Pass,” “The Arctic Express,” “Philadelphia.” Hollywood audiences are not only fascinated by professionalism, but also because of his unpretentious handsome looks. The name Tom has now become so familiar in the rankings of world-wide popularity.

Tom Hanks

  7. Matt Damon

The name Matt appears more and more alongside other famous Hollywood names. Not only has the professional acting talent, he is also a great screenwriter. The movie “Will Willie” brought him the Oscars – a good script. Besides, Matt is also very active in charitable activities to help the poor.

Matt Damon

8. Mark Walhberg

Despite his modest height, Mark was fortunate enough to be classified as a handsome Hollywood admirer. He only started acting when he had a certain reputation in the music industry. Outstanding roles he performed successfully through such works as: “Boxer”, “Stormy Horror”, “Planet Monkey”. His acting skills are widely recognized by fans and international professionals.

Mark Walhberg

 9. Will Smith

Will Smith’s impeccable role in the movie “The Black Special Agent” has left a deep impression on the audience, making the actor’s popularity increasingly widespread. Not only that, he was voted as the most powerful actor in the world in 2007 by Newsweek. In addition to acting, Will Smith is also a famous rapper and songwriter.

Will Smith

 10. Robert Pattinson

Robert is the only name in the modern generation contributing to this list. Edward Cullen’s character in “The Twilight Saga” has caused quite a few trends on the small screen, the very charm of the vampire guy has caused the hearts of millions of female viewers to be broken.

After the success of the film, Robert became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, besides he also succeeded as a model.

Robert Pattinson

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