8 habits in the morning to help you feel good all day

Morning is important time in the day because it is the beginning of an effective day. With just a few simple tasks, you will have a refreshing spirit throughout the day.

1. Change the alarm tone

If you set the alarm too loud will be annoying every morning wake up. Therefore, you can change the alarm tone with the gentle melody. This will work very well to start a day with good health.

2. Wake up slowly

In the morning you wake up, you should not sit up immediately because the position changes to the sudden position will cause blood pressure changes and make the body easy to dizziness, heart beat fast. fall.

You should open the eyes to stimulate the transition from sleep to awake, then rub the hands for warmth, rub in the face for about 1 minute, slowly sit up and finger inserted into the hair, act as Brush for 2-3 minutes.

Move your legs down, sit quietly then stand up.

3. Drink a glass of water after waking up

This will help to awaken the intestines. Every morning drinking a glass of water to improve constipation. This is a very good habit to wake up. However, you should drink warm water about 250 to 300ml, take each small sip.

4. Use the toilet on time

Urinate as slowly as possible and absolutely do not use too much force. The habit of defecating on time, like the routine of the biological clock. This will help the stomach and intestines to be gently relaxed.

5. Wash your face when waking up

Wash your face, especially in hot summer, you can choose toothpaste and mint products. This will wake you up when you are in a sleep state.


6. Open window to receive sunlight

Light in the morning will make you feel better. According to a study of the American Academy of Medicine, light is considered to be the main component that affects circadian rhythms and has a direct impact on gene control your bio. Therefore, sunlight will help you to be more alert.

7. Exercise every morning

Morning exercises will help your body and brain to be ready for a new working day. Morning exercises need not be too heavy, just a yoga, will also help you to feel relaxed all day.   The most common way is to breathe 3 parts. In this breathing exercise, each inhaler is divided into 3 times.  First inhale a little enough for the belly to swell, the second inhaled the chest to inflating and lifting, the last inhalation of the lungs to lift the clavicle.  Breathing out also made three parts with the clavicle, chest and abdomen. When breathing, let loose your whole body.

8.  Have breakfast

Breakfast is extremely important for health. A breakfast of energy will help the bowels and moods are comfortable. Just get up early 10 minutes; you can enjoy a nutritious breakfast, with plenty of energy to help you work effectively until noon.



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