A French man with 3 different faces

A face transplant is a medical procedure to replace all or part of a person’s face with tissue from a cadaver. The world’s first partial face transplant on a human life was carried out in France in 2005.

On the second transplant, the 35-year-old patient looked like 20 years old because the donor was a 22 year old man.

Jeromo Hamon is a Frenchman with congenital facial deformity and this cause his body to produce tumors. This makes his face to deform after a while.

Dr. Laurent Lantieri from Georges Pompidou Hospital performed the first transplant for Hamon in 2010. At this time, Haman is 35 years old.  By 2015, Hamon was ill and had to inject drugs. This drug caused Hamon’s implanted face to die and forced him to perform a second surgery. Dr. Lantieri called this a “dead body” because Hamon had no face at the end of 2017.

Hamon had no eyelids, ears, facials and can not speak or eat. He heard very limited, only nodded and wrote a little. “If you do not have skin, you will be more prone to infection,” says Dr. Lantieri. “We are very anxious to transplant patients.”

The absence of faces has caused many difficulties on Hamon’s daily life.

Having undergone three surgeries, Hamon was able to satisfy with his current face. The donor to Hamon was a 22-year-old man. Hamon joked that he is 20 years old thanks to his new face. Before the complicated surgery in January, doctors spent a lot of time removing all the blood in Hamon’s body and replacing it with new blood. This avoids the residual antibodies from the previous treatment that interfere with the transplant.  “For anyone undergoing this surgery, it’s like a nuclear explosion on the face.

However, the patient progresses very well”, said the surgeon. Dr. Lantieri said patients are now being monitored carefully after new face transplantation. “I’m 43 now,” Hamon said. The donor is 22 years old. So I’m 20 years old.””The fact that Lantieri successfully transplanted the patient opens the door for us to treat other patients”, said Dr. Frank Papay. Dr. Frank said that the technique is called the “holy grail” because it helps process new tissue receptors on the recipient’s old tissues.

Dr Bohdan Pomahac from Harvard University says, “There will be more and more patients undergoing this surgery. Facial implantation in the future will become more common. ” Dr. Bohdan said that as a kidney transplant, the grafted face would have a “shelf life” of about 10-15 years.  “Maybe some patients will be lucky and their faces will last longer. However, transplants will be very normal in the near future”, said Dr. Bohdan.  Dr. Lantieri says he will soon publish his work in medical journals. He hopes that the patient will not need to be implanted any more in the future.

Today, with the technological development, people increasingly closer to perfection in all areas. Not only in medicine but also in biology, chemistry, environment, etc.People with serious diseases will have hope in the near future.

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