Interesting tips on the body that you probably do not know

What would you do if sometimes you are hiccupped without end? Or how to dispel nausea when driving?

When the mood is not good: Bite a pen or pencil, just a little later you will see much better. Biting the pen activates the muscles used to laugh, so that the brain will release the happy hormones, help dissipate the feeling of frustration, discomfort in the person.

To cure yawn: Fill a glass of cold water and drink slowly, it will help your body regain consciousness and suppress yawning. You can also breathe deeply through the nose and then breathe through the mouth.

If itchy throat: Scratch the back of the ear, the itch in the throat will quickly pass. Avoid scratching too hard to scratch the ear. Another way is to drink a glass of warm water, throat will soften a little more.

With dizziness: If you are already lying down and still feel dizzy, stick one foot down, the brain will help you adjust your position and the dizziness will pass quickly.

If you are eating ice cream: Squeeze your tongue very hard into the palate, how to cover the throat as much as possible.

If the phone is not clear: Switch to the right ear because the ear needs to recognize the voice better. While the left ear helps distinguish better music. This is also the way to help the guy quickly knock down the door he likes: whisper in their right ear.

If the hand is numb: To dispel the feeling of heavy arm like a rock, cannot move and like thousands of needles stuck in the wrong position, shake your head from side to side. The reason is because while sleeping, the nerves in the neck are suppressed. Swinging the nostrils will help release these nerves, dispelling the needles.

To prevent vomiting: Click on the P6 acupuncture point between the two veins in the wrist for a few minutes, feeling nausea when riding the train … will end immediately.

This is how to position the P6 acupuncture, it is the way the wrist is the width of 3 fingers.

Or grab your thumb like this and squeeze it tightly.  When hiccupping: Drink water in the same position as in the picture, making sure you stop hiccup. Remember to pour water into a glass full and drink at the side of the glass opposite the mouth you drink often, so that the water out of it. If you are in public, cannot drink water like this, try to hold the breath as long as possible, then expel slowly.

To suppress the tears: If there is a feeling of wanting to cry, try to open your eyes and not light. If the tears have fallen and fall, look up to the sky and blink a few quickly. The third way is to hurt yourself to forget the feeling of wanting to cry by pinching the thin skin between the thumb and forefinger.

When anxiety or stress: Just blowing on the tip of your thumb, the pulse in this finger will slow down, so that your heart rate will also slow down, you will relieve stress.


When esophageal reflux (heartburn, difficulty swallowing, vomiting …): Lie back to sleep on the stomach to lie lower than the esophagus, the word thick acid will not reflux on the throat. Therefore, you also need to avoid sleeping back to the right. The second way is to chew a gum after eating and go to bed early.

When the eye is tired: Sit too long before the computer screen, your eyes are very easy to fatigue, even cause headaches, dizziness. The simplest is to apply the 20-20-20 formula: After 20 minutes of looking at the computer, spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away. And do not forget to regularly blink your eyes from dry.

If the nose is clogged: Use your tongue to lick your palate and use a finger to press between your brows. Only 20 seconds later, your nose will run and you will run out of stuffy nose. Or let an onion close to you, you will feel effective immediately.

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