L Arginine

L Arginine

This is an amino acid and is a substitute of Viagra for both men and women. It boosts the amount of blood flow through the sexual organs among both the sexes. For men, that would be a stronger and longer erection while among women, that would be heightened stimulation. For men, it is in the form of pill whereas for women it would be in the form of a cream to be applied directly on the spot.

Vit E

Often regarded as the sex vitamin, it gets its name for a couple of reasons – it aids in the production of the sex hormones that in turn helps in desire, attraction and mood. It also helps against disease and age. Among women, it can be used as a lubricant during sex for heightened experiences.

Ginko Biloba

It improves circulation and memory among men. That s, it helps against erectile dysfunction and leads to a stronger erection. It produces the chemical nitric oxide to relax the artery walls of the circulatory system thereby increasing the blood flow to the male’s tofu dog.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

Though not a vitamin completely, it is sort of a hormone that is produced in the body by the adrenal glands. This can now be purchased over the counter and it is fast becoming popular as the female variant of Viagra. Though there might be slight risk of breast cancer, heart attack and unwanted hair growth, it would be best to have it after discussing with the doctor and put up a bit of shaving as well.

Word of caution

Though there are enough references suggesting that supplements and  vitamins can help improve the sexual health, they should never be self-induced. One must keep in mind that they still interact with the body and can lead to a reaction depending on the individual. So, the best option is to consult a doctor before trying out anything.

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