Men are at risk for many types of illness if they keep the habit of barefoot on hot days

There are quite a lot of people especially men keep the habit of being naked on hot summer days. But base on science study, we will see that this habit is not good at all.

1. Being naked makes us feel sore

It sounds ridiculous but this is absolutely true. Accordingly, the hot weather of summer makes many men have the habit of removing the ceiling to cool and help the body cooler, thought that would be cool, in fact it is not.

 If the outside temperature is almost or higher than the body temperature (37 degrees Celsius), the bare skin is not cool, but it feels hotter.Because regulating the temperature in the body is not based solely on the skin’s evaporation, but on its radiation. When the outdoor temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the body is mainly based on the skin’s evaporation for heat dissipation. When the outdoor temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, the skin is not only unable to radiate radiation, but also heat from the outside.  Therefore, removing the ceiling makes the outside heat easier to penetrate into the body, while the heat dissipation is reduced so that feels more hot, more uncomfortable. As the heat rises, the sweat from the pores goes out. Sweat out so much that the heat is still completely unabated. So when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees Celsius, the nakedness becomes hotter, especially when there is no wind.

2.  Bare skin in the heat increases the risk of skin cancer.

Surely everyone knows the terrible impact of the sun when exposed to it too long. Accordingly, ultraviolet light in the sun can cause wrinkles and change the texture of the skin, causing skin pigmentation. The brighter the color, the more easily affected by the sun.In addition, a study of Harvard University shows that men who have a habit of sunbathing on the back of heavy sunburn on their backs, even once, are twice as likely to develop tumors than those who do not have sunburn. Men who are exposed to the sun on their hands and feet face more skin cancer risk than normal people, but are not as dangerous as those who have sunburn on their back. The author of the work, Dr Shaowei Wu, explains that the phenomenon occurs because the back is less exposed to the sun than the face, arms, and legs. If you take off your shirt when going to the beach or jogging, your back is suddenly affected by the sun, quickly burns and the risk of cancer.

3. Being naked in hot weather is very easy to get cold

The habit of barefoot in the hot sun is supposed to be harmless but not encouraged. Because when the body is hot, the pores swell to sweat, if you bare the bare should be very easy to get cold. Moreover, after the bare skin, the pores will shrink dramatically causing the heat to flow back into the person and cause illness.

In addition, many people have the habit of barefoot when sleeping without knowing that, as we fall asleep, our body temperature will begin to decrease. This means that our brain is releasing melatonin, which will affect the rhythm and alert the body to sleep.

Our heat will decrease gradually, and the lowest drop is around 2.30am, we usually feel much colder and find a blanket to cover. If we do not wear clothes and do not cover our body temperature, we can hardly tolerate it. At this time, the body is vulnerable to cold.  Therefore, even if it is hot you should not be naked. If it is too hot, choose a lightweight dress, sweat absorbent, breathable to wear will be better.

In addition, the best way to protect your skin while working in the sun or for exposure to the sun for long periods of time is to use sunscreen suitable for skin type. Wear a thick coat, covering the body to prevent sunlight from entering the skin. Eat plenty of green vegetables and drink plenty of water, especially in the summer.


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