Vitamins and Supplements to boost sexual health among men and women

Vitamins and Supplements to boost sexual health among men and women

At the University of Columbia, researchers have found that that supplements and vitamins can indeed enhance sexual desire, performance, energy and orgasm in both the sexes. Among men it helps to prolong stamina and in women it may counteract the unpleasant effects of menopause. These are available at almost any health store and so far no side effect or any interactions have been reported.


This helps to increase a man’s blood flow through the lower extremities. Among women, this has shown to boost sexual desire, energy, performance and orgasm. It happens so since it affects the dopamine system of the body that controls the sex drive. The experiment revealed that most of the men and women volunteers were getting sexually excited more often.

This was also found to be absolutely safe except during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to its estrogen like effects


It improves lust and orgasm among both men and women. It provides increased stamina and libido in both the genders. There have been no reported cases of toxicity so far and can be consumed by almost anyone and everyone.

Horny goat weed

This has been found to boost the libido. Among men it plays a vital role in correcting erectile dysfunction (ED). It can be most easily digested in tea form and has no side effects.


It has the ability to calm down the nerves and reduces stress among both men and women as one of the most common causes of poor libido and sexual dissatisfaction are factors like tension, anxiety and other sorts of stress that may be because by work, relationship or the sexual performance itself.

Among men, it just takes one time for their tool to let them down. This can cause to develop what is called ED or erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if it is psychological, Kava can definitely help a lot. It is currently legal and being used in many major countries across the globe.

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