The 10 largest diamonds known on the planet

The Jubilee

Golden Jubilee, a diamond discovered in South Africa, has become the largest diamond in the world. And now here is a collection of the largest diamonds on the planet as stated on the American site Therichest.

  1. The Golden Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee diamond is considered the largest diamond in the world today. The diamond was found in 1985 at the Premier Mine (South Africa). The rough diamond weighed 755 Carat (151g).

After being cut, it only weighs 545.67 Carat (109g), has a yellowish brown color. In 1995, the Golden Jubilee was presented to the king of Thailand and placed on the crown of the king on the 50th anniversary of the coronation. It is estimated that the diamond is worth $ 4-12 million.

  1. The Cullinan I

The Cullinan I diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905. This beautiful white diamond weighs 530.20 Carat (106g) and is the largest white diamond in the world.

What’s special about this diamond is that it has the shape of a pear. The Cullinan I diamond is dubbed “the star of Africa”. In 1908, King Edward VII of England became the owner of the diamond. Today, it is on display at the Tower of London along with all of the king’s jewelry.

  1. The Incomparable

The Incomparable

In 1982, while playing on a pile of wreckage at the Mbuji Mayi area in the Republic of the Congo, a little girl discovered the Incomparable diamond.

Before being cut, it weighed 890 Carats (178g). Currently, the diamond weighs only 407.48 Carats (82g).

In 1988, according to the Gem Institute of America (GIA), the diamond has reached its perfection. This is the largest brown diamond ever found as well as the fourth largest color diamond in the world.

Prior to being put on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in the United States, the diamond’s owner had it up for sale on Ebay for $ 15 million. However, no one bought the diamond.

  1. The Cullinan II

The Cullinan II

The Cullinan II diamond is also found in the same location as the Cullinan I diamond. However, the Cullinan II diamond only weighs 317.40 carats (63g), and is white in color.

The Cullinan Diamond was cut into 9 smaller gems, numbered from I to IX. In fact, the original diamond weighed 3106.75 carats (621g). Like the Cullinan I diamond, this diamond was given to the then British king.

  1. The Spirit of Grisogono

The Spirit of Grisogono diamond was cut by a famous Swiss jeweler. This is the largest black diamond ever in the world. It was discovered in Central Africa a few decades before Central Africa was incorporated into Switzerland.

Initially, the diamond weighed 587 carats (117g). After being cut, it now weighs only 312.24 carats (63g). The cut diamond was placed on a white gold ring with 702 tiny white diamonds.

  1. The Great Mogul

The Great Mogul

Great Mogul was discovered in India’s Kollur mine in 1650. It was a pink diamond, weighing 280 carats (56g). The rough diamond weighed 787 carats was stolen after the assassination of the owner, Nadir Shah in 1747.

Previously, the French gem merchant and tourist, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, got a chance to see the gemstone in person and had said that it was shaped like an egg that was cut in half.

  1. The Nizam

The Nizam

The Nizam diamond was discovered in Golconda, India in 1857 and got its name from the Prince of Hyderabad (central India)at the time, Prince Nizam. The rough diamond weighed 440 carat (88g).

After being cut, the diamond has the shape of a pear and weighs 280 carats (56g). Currently, the diamond is owned by a private collector in India.

  1. The Centenary

The Centenary

The diamond was discovered in 1986 in South Africa. People used the latest technologies and X-rays to explore this diamond.

The Centenary diamond weighs 273.85 carats (55g) and is white. Its price is estimated at over $ 100 million. In 2008, a hidden entrepreneur from the United States became the owner of the diamond.

  1. The Jubilee

The Jubilee

The Jubilee diamond is a diamond found in South Africa. The rough diamond was cut into two smaller gems, one weighing 13.34 carats (3g) and the other weighing 245.35 carats (49g), named Jubilee.

This diamond is colorless and very rare. The owner firmly retains ownership of the diamond. Today, it is present in Robert Mouawad’s diamond collection.

  1. De Beers

De Beers

The diamond was discovered in March 1888 at the De Beers (South Africa) mine. Currently, the yellow diamond weighs 234.65 carats (47g).


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