List of Names Codsworth Can Say in Fallout 4: Surprising Things

So far, Fallout 4 has been a blockbuster, bursting Steam’s record for simultaneous users, and it is easy to understand the reason why: the game’s improvements are based on an earlier beloved recipe in just about every way. Not different from other Bethesda games, even the tiny details occasionally create the largest influences. For example, when the player’s robot butler whose name Codsworth, call the player’s name.

Of course, this only happens when you have got a name that he has already learned how to pronounce exactly. Not long ago a fearless player on Reddit has revealed the list of names Codsworth can say in Fallout 4 and unexpectedly there are some stunning options. Read more to explore!

People whose names contain Kyle and Sean will be a bit disheartened when they know that the robot Codsworth has completely forgotten how to pronounce their names, maybe to him, these are a little forgettable? Or it is just simply because his hard drive is too old to remember – over 200 years old. Notwithstanding, players who would like to roleplay as Battosai the Manslayer, Phillip Marlowe or Sterling Archer can be very happy, but please have in mind that these names are not exclusive.

When you enter your character’s name in Fallout 4, you apparently didn’t hope to hear anyone say it out loud. Nonetheless, Codsworth the robot butler can say up to over 900 possible names. The list of names Codsworth can say in Fallout 4 includes plenty of very fundamental names like Michael and Amanda. Notwithstanding, the robot is able to say a dozen of noticeable names from pop culture such as Django, Mulder or Katniss. In case that you would like to name your character after Dishonored hero Convo, the robot butler Codsworth will happily speak out that name as well. Naturally, for female wasteland dweller characters, Imperator or Furiosa seems to be good choices.

Maybe Bethesda also has got some anime staff or fans. Kaneda, Kenshin, Shinji… are among the list of names Codsworth can say. It is no doubt to confirm that the whole team has put a lot of effort into this small yet entertaining feature. In addition, Bethesda also allows all players to pick out more specific names. Codsworth is able to say Tittie, Assface, Boobies and so on. Notwithstanding, some names like Jerkface still doesn’t appear in the list.

According to Gamespot, they paid attention to the public expression of thanking the team has given to ZeniMax, parent company of Bethesda. As clues, list of names Codsworth can say includes Ripken (Cal Ripken Jr.), Altman (Robert Altman) as well as Bruckheimer (Jerry Bruckheimer). There are also rumors that when these true people from ZeniMax pick their last name for their characters, the game will give them some rewards. Besides, you can realize some weird omission on the list, though. Names like Barbara, Simon, and Lisa are unable to be found anywhere on the list. The Skyrim references like Talos or Dragonborn are not listed, too and even a bunch of easy Fallout references are also missing.

Fallout 4 is released all over the world and available on PC, Xbox One as well as PS4. The game allows players to discover the Commonwealth – the post–apocalyptic lasts of the Boston area. Joining the game, you will fight against mutants, robotic machines, bandits and many other dangers. You are able to create settlements with customized defenses and buildings in a first for the series. Codsworth the robot butler is one of the considerable companions you are able to call up during your journey through this colossal open-world game.




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